November 15, 2011


Update: February 7, 2012

After a doodling hiatus while she got Shadows out by the January 31 deadline, this update from Robin

The new schedule is that I plan to get another batch out the end of this month and EVERYTHING but the fancy one-offs+++ done by the end of March. 

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Previous updates

Batch #1 – November 2
Batch #2 – November 25
Batch #3 – December 9

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The sale and auction were almost three times more successful than we had anticipated.  We have been swamped trying to process the hundreds of orders.

Robin depends on Fiona to help with packing and mailing.  The mailing schedule will depend on when the next “Fiona Day” can be scheduled around both Robin’s and Fiona’s schedules.

Thanks for your patience!

Update from Robin on November 22, Another Fiona Day, with a peek at some lovely doodles.

And yes, ENORMOUS QUANTITIES of sale/auction stuff was parcelled up and hauled off to the post office by the gallant Fiona.  Or rather . . . toward the post office.  Fiona was here nearly eight hours–and so far as I can tell she never bothers with the frivolities lesser humans enjoy, like tea breaks and food–and was STILL stuffing things in envelopes and justifying my untidy heaps when I took her by the hair* and ordered her to go home.  So she’s actually bundled up the bundles and is going to take them–in batches, she says, so they don’t lock the door the next time they see her coming–to her post office.

But I’m still not done.  I’m nothing like done.  Fiona comes again on the 9th** and then we’ll see where we are.

Update from Robin on November 15, 2011

Meanwhile . . . Fiona was supposed to come today [November 15], and haul the next load of doodly things off to the post office, but I got very nearly nothing done last week barring a little of SHADOWS and a lot of moaning.  So she’s now coming next Tuesday [November 22].  I won’t be finished yet.  I’m hoping to finagle her into coming once more about a fortnight after that . . . and that should be all the basic doodles, either on their own or in books.  I’ve already warned (I hope) the people with the really exotic orders that they may still be waiting a while, and I’m afraid I can’t guarantee to have got the doodle-icious books done yet either—they are INCREDIBLY labour-intensive.‡‡            

Again, I’m sorry.  Aside from my pig-headed stupidity about not recognising what was going on with PEG II, most of what’s gone wrong is circumstances out of my control . . . but if I hadn’t been pig-headedly stupid about PEG II circumstances wouldn’t have got out of control, because I’d’ve set PEG in its varying lengths and incarnations aside several months sooner, instead of putting off the auction till I got it sorted, because I wasn’t going to get it sorted . . . thus also leaving me trying to write a novel in five months as well as fulfil the auction obligations.