September 20, 2008


img_0777.JPGYou can’t identify them in the bell photo.  These were one of the FOUR PAIRS I bought on that memorable day this summer.  So I was not merely being self indulgent.  I was going to need a pair of girl shoes I could ring bells in!*  I was going to need them soon!**

* Well, okay, I could have taken the shoes off.  This would be no weirder than bicycle clips.

** Yes, of course I needed the other three pairs too.

Wedding dress

img_0754jpgcrop2.jpg. . . for someone else’s wedding.  I bought this yonks ago when Dickinsons were getting married nearly every other weekend.  I don’t think I’ve worn it since the last of the previous generation got fired off, and there’s been a lull while the next lot grow up.  There is a truly fabulous hat that goes with it, but as a mere member of the wedding–a member, furthermore, hiding in the back row ready to dart upstairs and grab a bell rope*–this did not seem to me suitable.  Sigh.  It’s a big black straw thing with red roses and veiling and I adore it, but I don’t lead a red roses and veiling sort of life.**  Which is a good thing.  But . . .

                Fortunately Peter has many other talents and virtues because photo-taking is not among them.  Be sure and get all of me! I said, repeatedly.  So when I went to plug in the camera I discovered three photos of me cut off at the knees which not only is not all of me but looks really dumb.  So here’s a cropped one to which I invite you to observe that I’m wearing make up.  The last time this happened was probably the last time I wore this dress.  Most of the time I don’t care if I’m wiped out by the brilliance of my apparel but this dress gets all sad if you look like a ghost in it.***  I’m not sure if you can see the eye paint behind my glasses, but the lipstick is what I could get on a Friday afternoon in a small town corner pharmacy.  Apparently deep hot pink/non-scarlet reds are not in vogue at the moment.  At least not in small town corner pharmacies.  Last time I needed lipstick for this dress I was spoilt for choice.

* At which point where would I put the hat?  This is not a hat you just idly lay down any old where and we don’t have padded velvet hat stands nor even coat check personnel in bell towers.

 **  Even without the hat, Oisin, who was playing organ, blinked at me a couple of times and said, you scrub up rather well.  Maybe I should change out of the muddy jeans for my piano lessons.  No, I can’t be bothered.

 *** It’s even worse if you’re wearing The Hat.

Best Hot Frock Shoes


And all four of today’s pairs together cost less than these did.  I took this photo several days ago because I decided that Best Hot Frock didn’t do them justice.  Well, you know, rhinestones. 

            Generally speaking I make it a rule never to buy clobber full price.*  But in this case I was trying to make a good impression on a publisher.  I can’t remember why.  But I still have the dress.  And the shoes.


* This has less to do with my body parts being mostly funny sizes and more to do with the fact that I spend 99% of my time in hellhound-hair-covered jeans, with lashings of garden and countryside mud (and lately a small but significant britches-with-horsehair activity).  I want another pair of nonhellhoundwalking shoes why?

Cute overload

img_0625.JPGI mean, have you ever seen cuter shoes?*  The ones that first caught my eye were these in pink . . . and the whole want, want thing was very strong.  But I already have some amazingly silly shoes in pink and look at this adorable green!  How did these survive long enough to go on sale??**

* If there were any men reading this blog, there aren’t any more.

** No sane person with feet this big wants to draw attention to them this way.

Shoes, illustrated


I bet Neil Gaiman has never posted a photo of the four pairs of shoes he bought in one afternoon* on his blog.



* Four pairs of shoes is nothing really.  If I find a good Converse All Star shop I go into a berserker frenzy.  My record is, I believe, nineteen pairs.  Fortunately I don’t get to good Converse All Star shops all that often.

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