November 9, 2014

Shadows is here!

Further delay


I’ve been throwing up all day* . . . sorry, I need to lie down again. . . .

* * *

* And no, it hasn’t been a great week either

And with the storm winds howling


I seem to be variably on/off the air.  This Page Can’t Be Displayed Because.  Well Maybe It Can.  Briefly.  Nope.  Try Again.  Later.  Hi.  Fooled You.  Didn’t I . . . Nope.  Gone.  Hahahahahaha.

So there may be a blog post later.  Or Not.

Previous caveats apply


Aethelstan is still out there, and his friends have brought friends.  We lost power for about fifteen minutes an hour or so ago while this laptop was turned off, unplugged and in my knapsack.  Therefore I suspect the Peculiar Way It Is Behaving–and the way the internet keeps cutting out–is not its fault.  If I don’t post later, it’s because I can’t.



The lights are flickering madly on and off as Hurricane Aethelstan flails around out there, jumping in the ever-deepening puddles and whacking the trees with his big stick.  If there’s no proper post after this it’s because I’m off the air.  Curled up in bed with a good book and fresh batteries for my torch I hope.

Outage today

Due to a massive network outage affecting multiple Web hosting companies, the blog and forum were down for the better part of the day.  Sites are back up but not sure how stable things are.

There may or may not be a blog post tonight.  — Blogmom


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