February 13, 2014

Don’t I keep trying to reinstate short Wednesdays?



So let’s have a LINKS NIGHT.

First:  Peter’s EMMA TUPPER’S DIARY, one of my and many other people’s favourites of Peter’s, HAS BEEN REISSUED.

And here he talks a little about writing it:


Second:  Lightspeed (e)magazine has reprinted HELLHOUND in their February issue:


You have to scroll down the left-hand column—it is there, I promise—and while of course all of you have already read it in FIRE—there’s a lot of other good stuff in Lightspeed’s virtual pages, and you might find the McKinley author spotlight amusing.  You’ll recognise the voice from this blog. . . .

* * *

* Pav is definitely starting to come back out of pheromone hell and to revert to nice normal manic hellterror status—she brought me a toy this morning for the first time in about ten days—but the hellhounds don’t seem to notice.  They still aren’t eating, there’s still way too much moaning and they still dash back from hurtles or into the mews to check that she’s still there.  And having pranced through the door like Hackney ponies on the way to the carriage driving finals, once they’ve established that in fact she is still there they go all floppy and pathetic-swain-like and IT MAKES ME CRAZY.^

^ The superfluously bizarre thing is that they are all over me for their sofa time.  I thought it at least possible that they would be so committed to guarding the hellterror’s crate against alien invasion+ that they wouldn’t want their sofa time with a mere [menopausal++] hellgoddess.  But nooooo.  They’re all over me like a cheap suit or Miss Havisham’s wedding veil.+++

+ See previous blog post.  You cannot be too careful about these things.

++ EMoon

I once bought a 16 yo gelding, not knowing he’d been gelded only 6 months before. After a lifetime as a breeding stallion. (These little secrets sellers keep…) He was quite aware of everything’s ovulation and/or heat. . . .

 . . . .”Hi, glorious wonderful female person! Am I not beautiful? Am I not gloriously male? Would you not like a hug?” He was gentlemanly about it . . . But there were no mistaking the source of the interest. Fluttering nostrils, upraised lip, and all. That’s how I found out that he recognized (with a slight difference in the behavior) ovulation separately from menstruation.

If I’d paid attention one of mine# might have told me when I was ovulating since I never knew.  One of the things this body had trouble with was the whole female-cycle thing, and I was on the Pill## for way too many years### but I love the idea of Rhythm Method by Stallion.

Do any other male domestic critters do this?    Given that there aren’t that many stallions around to begin with a lot of women who’ve worked with them will mention this interesting aspect of the experience.  But you don’t hear about it with dogs, for example, and there are LOTS and LOTS of entire male dogs cluttering up the landscape.  I had already started menopause when I brought the hellhounds home as puppies and most of my dog life till then had been with girls.

I knew an entire male cat once—who was also a prodigiously, gloriously male creature—who was extra-snuggly when you were menstruating, but I didn’t see him often enough to be sure that this wasn’t him reacting to you being curled up in a little ball of misery, and I was on the Pill when I knew him, so he wouldn’t have had a chance to check me for ovulation.

# I never owned one of these glorious creatures;  I just did things like muck out their stalls, hang out with them and—when I was lucky—ride them.

## which back in my fertile days kept you unpregnable by suppressing ovulation.  Dunno if they may have figured out other tricky methods since.

### My experience of female-cycle specialists—most of them men—became the strong foundation of my profound loathing for the medical profession.




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