January 17, 2014

Street Pastors Stub Post Night


It’s throwing it down out there, like a bully throwing rocks, but there’s already so much standing water it’s not surprising that more rain bounces.  We’re having the occasional spasm of thunder and lightning for interest.  I’m a little worried about tonight’s commute to Mauncester, even though I know every sub-micron of that road, including where the invisible black water collects and does a before-the-Gates-of-Moria thing if you’re in the wrong, you should forgive the term, stream.*  But I’m also half expecting a last-minute email from our team leader saying that SPing has been cancelled by police order because the current frothing down the main pedestrian precinct is strong enough to pull anyone even slightly the worse for wear over** and anyone at all wearing stacked-sole stilettos.  Or, speaking of current, that the entire city has shorted out, including the pumps at the pubs and the shot dispensers at the club(s).

But I do want to make a start at responding to what you all said about last night’s post.


My agent also tells me that the internet has moved on and writers aren’t blogging any more

Have you suggested she should go tell John Scalzi? (And many, many others, FWIW).

Yep.  Graphic example of what happens when you’re careless about using someone else on your public blog.   I’d already had a whap up longside the head for misquoting her from Merrilee herself.  I don’t remember what she originally said, only that I came away with the impression that I was now an Old Fogey for continuing to blog—and half a dozen helpful people have sent me links to ‘why I don’t blog/don’t blog any more’ posts in the last month or thereabouts, so I was probably feeling kind of . . . oppressed.  But all that said I still knew I was making a silly generalisation and on a public blog you can only do this to yourself.

What Merrilee did say last night, and this time I am quoting, from her email:  I did not say writers aren’t blogging anymore — I said YOU DON’T NEED TO DO IT EVERY DAY AND THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA.

Okay?  —By the way I think John Scalzi is sui generis.   I just write a blog.


The self centred is largely because I don’t have to worry about hurting my own feelings if I go over the top,

. . . I find I have to do the same thing in my sermons. Especially because sermons are so often about our frailty and failings as humans and what we should or can or should want to do about it (and, even though I’m Jewish — and thus, hardly ever discuss God in public, even at temple, because Judaism is primarily about people — occasionally even where God might play a part in all this), I often need examples of people who are misunderstanding some basic precept of existence. And I’m not going to use someone I know. Likewise, I’m not going to use some internet/urban legend story about someone I don’t know. So my only choice is…me. I come out as a total, self-centered dweeb in my sermons. I can only hope that the rest of the sermon convinces my congregation that I’ve overcome this week’s version of dweebishness enough to be brilliant about it. (Or at least funny. In sermons, if you can’t be brilliant, be funny. If you can’t be funny, be brief. The perfect sermon is all three.)

YES.  EXACTLY.  THIS.  THANK YOU.  Not that I write sermons***, but if I want to get a point across?  If I want to say something . . . unflattering?  If I want to dandle a buffoon before you in the hopes of making you laugh?  Yes.  I can only use me.


. . . I’m glad that I was wrong in taking you too seriously because I do think your anecdotes are funny,

Oh good.

. . . and I do relate them to my friends, all the while laughing that a writer I have loved my whole life is a “cranky”, “old” lady as you often make yourself out to be in the blog.

Well, it’s like being self-absorbed, volatile and having a talent for seeing the dire in things.  I am cranky, and sixty-one ain’t young.  It’s what you do with the bits and pieces you decide to use in public.  But if you’re laughing I am succeeding.

It wouldn’t surprise me… if the blog hasn’t further confused the issue of Who I Am As A Real Human Being

Yep, guess I was confused . . . due to my not catching on to the hyperbolic nature of your stories and rants . . . but I am glad, too . . . a little glad? Still sorry I upset you . . .

‘Appal’ is the word you’re looking for here.  THEY THINK I’M TELLING THE TRUTH?  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

. . . because now I can be in on the jokes along with everyone else.

Oh good.

I do like your blog! Can we be friends again, Hellgoddess? . . .

Snork.  Yes, of course.  And apologies for ironing out your footnotes;  I couldn’t figure out how not to confuse everyone hopelessly, including myself.

And thank you, all of you forum commenters.  I’m telling the real, true, unyanked-around truth that I could not keep my energy up for blogging if some of you didn’t talk back sometimes.  THANK YOU.

* * *

* That may be a Britishism, stream for car lane.

** Which means they won’t get far away from home, since ‘pre-loading’ is the order of the standard night out.  Note:  ugh.

*** Or that I know how to be brief


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