January 10, 2014

Drums and trumpets . . .


. . .  I am taking the night off.*

However I don’t want to leave you entirely without reading material.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know this because Stephanie Burgis, who writes funny, charming novels of her own,** and who nominated it, tweeted the news a few days ago.  But my editor sent me a link today so it must be true.  SHADOWS is on the short list for the Cybils award.


SHADOWS is down there near the bottom under Speculative Fiction.  But read through the rest of the categories:  several of these books are going on my amazon wish list . . . or are already in one of the tottering health-and-safety threatening TBR piles scattered around the cottage.

* * *

* I think I got some sleep last night.  It was very disconcerting.  I hardly know how to behave.  But I thought I might try it again.  It might, you know, grow on me.  I might decide—whatever—that I liked it.

But I’ve just spent rather more of the evening than planned hanging out with the other St Margaret’s Street Pastors.  I’m not sure how we particularly have got stampeded into this^ but Llewellyn, our area head, is eager that local SPs go round to other local churches and talk about how wonderful SPing is and how they want to do it too.  And Jonas is all, why certainly.  Anyway we seem to have been nailed for our first gig and so we’re all making fish-mouths at each other and wondering what we say.

And I have to get up way too early tomorrow and take Peter to the big farmers’-and-miscellaneous street market in Mauncester.  New Arcadia has its own farmers’-and-miscellaneous market but it seems to be specially designed not to have any of the stuff we want.  The cheap beaded jewellery is actually pretty nice, but not weekly—the same with the hand-woven baskets—and the eighty-seven kinds of fudge in vibrant decorator colours^^—no thanks.

But the possibly-tentatively-eeeeep big news is that there may be a softening attitude among hellhounds toward food.  Don’t make any sudden gestures.  It might go away.

^ Actually I do know:  Jonas is relentless and he just assumes the rest of us will come along

^^ I can’t imagine what they use to get those colours.  Dulux?

** http://www.stephanieburgis.com/

Also:  http://robinmckinleysblog.com/2011/08/10/a-night-semi-off/



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