November 7, 2013

Very Short Wednesday



I really need a night off.*  So I thought I’d leave you with two Exciting Announcements and a few links.**

Peter’s IN THE PALACE OF THE KHANS has been nominated for the Carnegie long list:

And just in case you haven’t already bought your copy, here’s a reminder:

The ‘buy now’ takes you to but and Barnes and Noble have it as well.

And SHADOWS is coming out in the UK:

EBook 5 December

Paperback 2 January

The cover will look pretty much the same and the blurby stuff has been rewritten but it’s still about Maggie and some very peculiar shadows.  It should be available for pre-order by now.**

And if you wish to be encouraged, possibly inspired, but not to say hectored, pleeeeease read this: ***

* * *

* You know there are several people out there who have offered guest posts and then disappeared. . . . Just thought this might be worth mentioning.

** You’ll have to look the link up yourselves.  I don’t go near the Robin McKinley pages on amazon.

***  Or if you want to be reminded of my back catalogue you can read this:



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