September 30, 2013

Other S-words


The S-word would be sequel*.  Okay, SHADOWS has only been out five days and I’ve already had upwards of twenty queries about whether or not there’s going to be a sequel.  And I was going to write about that interesting question** tonight.  But first I got kind of distracted*** and . . . I.  Am.  So.  Tired.  And I’d hate to miss a good rant on the eminently rant-worthy topic of SEQUELS by being too tired to do it justice.

So tomorrow.  Maybe.  If there’s an invasion of dragons tomorrow I’ll probably want to write about that.

* * *

* Although it could be Street Pastors.  Or Singing.  It’s not.  But it could be.

I’m still so shattered^ from the weekend that pulling myself together to drive to Nadia this afternoon felt like the last equipment check for the final assault on Everest.  I could have used a Sherpa to drive us home after—’us’ since I had hellhounds in the back seat siiiiiiiigh.  I’d had a text from my dog walker during the last tea and rattle-your-brain-back-into-its-socket break Sunday evening at training that Darkness had begun his double-ended geysering act again.  JOOOOOOY.  Mavis has certainly seen various hellcritters merely streaming but I’m not sure she’s ever been witness to the full spectacle before.  Maxine and I had fled precipitously from the seminar hall at the end of Saturday because she has complicated child-care arrangements, and then we fled again Sunday night because I was anxious to get home before anything else happened.  Poor Corey^^ is going to begin to think we don’t love her.^^^

Aside from these little mechanical issues# it was another brilliant weekend for us increasingly-wondering-if-we-can-do-this-at-all trainees.  We had a paramedic talking to us on Saturday about ‘emergency management’ . . . a great deal of which really comes down to knowing when to call for help.  SPs are only there for moral support and lollipops:  if it gets beyond what a listening ear and sympathetic murmur can handle, you need to call for back up.  And sometimes you need to run away, although that’s not likely to be an issue for us in this area.  They’ve got a livelier scene down in Lesser Disconcerting.

Sunday we had a cop going over similar ground from the cop perspective.##  It’s good not only for morale but for that slightly queasy sense of ‘we’re out here doing what’ that the cops really like Street Pastors.  I think I’ve told you already that crime rates plummet where the SPs patrol.###  But we’ve got no legal mandate which means that people will talk—and listen—to us sometimes when they won’t talk to the cops, and sometimes listening is all that is necessary.  Listening and maybe a pair of flipflops for the exceedingly drunk young woman~ who can no longer walk in her insane eight-inch-platform clubbing shoes.~~

And then for my voice lesson today not only did Nadia thump me repeatedly through Fruhlingsglurglezzzzvvch she loaned me this thumping great book of lieder translations so I AM FORCED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M SINGING.  And then when we were going to finish off with a few restful minutes in English~~~ HER NEW STUDENT ARRIVED, KNOCKED ON THE DOOR AND CAME IN AND SAT DOWN AND WATCHED/LISTENED INTERESTEDLY.  Do I even need to tell you that I instantly couldn’t sing a note?  At least not the right note.

Next time tell her to frelling wait in the frelling sitting room.


But the hellhounds and I had a very nice amble around Mauncester on the way home.  Hellhounds were delighted about the ‘ambling’ part.  If they’re not off lead and blurring into red shift they like a nice amble and I’m forever HURRYING them past interesting smells.  Today I was happy to lean against a wall occasionally and let them really examine that bollard.=

^ It could be shattered too.  Popular letter, s.

^^ Llewellyn is on holiday this week, the slacking wastrel.

^^^ Actually I wrote her an email explaining the speed of our retreat.

# And Darkness, bless his moral fibre if not his spastic guts, had managed to keep his legs crossed till I got there.

## A very cute cop.  Just by the way.  Too young for me but he’d do nicely for Maxine.  There was a good deal of giggling about this on the way home.

### And if that’s because most of the criminal element is going, Those interfering old biddies are coming this way again!  Haul ass!, that’s just fine.

~ Or cross-dresser although I’d be surprised if we had many of these around here who are identifiable as such.  This is such a conservative area that wearing All Stars is like identifying myself as one of the absinthe-drinking crowd.

~~ Yes we carry lollipops and flipflops as standard.  And bottles of water—and hot chocolate!—and I forget what all else.  Wet wipes and single use gloves . . . but I am very pleased to say that while we pick up whole bottles, for sharps as they’re called, needles and broken glass, we get to call for help.

~~~ Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind by Thomas Arne.  Since you asked.

= When we got home I was slammed into by a frantic hellterror WHO THOUGHT SHE WAS NEVER GOING TO BE TAKEN FOR A HURTLE AGAIN.  SHE WAS GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF HER LIFE IN THIS CRATE.+  It took some extra-strength hurtling to reassure her.

+ Although as long as there were regular deliveries of butter sandwiches she’d probably cope.

** That job as a graveyard shift supermarket shelf restocker is looking really good.

*** See footnote one (*).  Which presumably you already have.


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