September 27, 2013

Yaaaaaaaaaah I have to get up eeeeeaaaaaaarly tomorrow morning


Whose idea was this frelling Street Pastors deal?  Oh.  Yeah.  God’s.  I guess I have to put up with it then.*  I am crazily short on sleep, even for me.  Both Maxine—who’s doing the driving—and I left tonight for the Friday evening session wanting to do anything but pay attention to anything remotely important and there were a lot of us trainees dragging in to the church hall looking very Friday-evening-after-a-long-week-ish.  But Corey, who I don’t think believes in ‘tired’, was Fearless Seminar Leader again tonight and she’s so terrific I think all of us woke up again.  Maxine and I did anyway.

But tomorrow is a LONG DAY and STARTS VERY EARLY and we have to drive to Fartledread, which was not on the original training schedule, what a very good thing Maxine has SatNav.  But that doesn’t make Fartledread any closer, and you’ll excuse me if I go to bed.  My mind can whirr relentlessly while the rest of me is disposed comfortably horizontally, with lots of pillows.

* * *

* As blondviolinist said:   Just keep repeating to yourself: “At least this isn’t a church committee. At least this isn’t a church committee. At least….” (Etc.)  If that doesn’t work, try the words “church BUDGET committee,” and suddenly SPs will seem absolutely splendid.

Yep.  What she said.  With knobs on.  I would actually be curious to know some percentages of how many Street Pastors do what—what kind of thing—in their day jobs.  I hate hate HATE committee work anyway—all that sitting around doodling cartoons of each other^ and folding for compromises nobody likes because you’re tired, you’re hungry for something that didn’t come out of a plastic packet, and you’re not going to do any better.  Okay.  I have a bad attitude.  But I also sit indoors at a computer most of the day every frelling day, seven days a week, trying to think creatively.  The LAST thing I want to do in my time away from my computer . . . is sit around some other multiply-blasted table, indoors, and think creatively^^ . . . and with a bunch of other people.  The horror.  The horror.

But if you’re a Christian, uneasily casting about for an outlet for the ‘service’ part of your charter . . . well, if God suddenly says, Yo, do this, you say, Yes sir/madam/Your Sacrednesses, and that’s what you do.  But somewhere between the lightning-bolt from head office and you making a list of all the things you don’t want to do, there’s some wiggle room.^^^  Do fantasy writers want to hand out lollipops and bottles of water to real people rather the worse for their night on the tiles?  Do car mechanics want to relate to spluttering, misfiring people?  Or do Street Pastors mostly sign on to do what they think they already do well?  Do insurance adjustors want to bring a different kind of balance to a different kind of volatile situation?  Do social workers want a chance to empathise with people that doesn’t involve telling them the government won’t find them a house/help them get job training/subsidize child care?

I’ll have to ask.

^ There are some very good drawing programmes for your friendly tablet computer I believe.  I’m still a hard-copy doodler.+

+ Yes I am still grinding through the Bell Fund backlog.  But slowly.

^^ If it’s budgetary, maybe not too creatively

^^^ I know God always knows best.  But the comms system is flawed.


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