March 28, 2013

Slightly Blurry Photos of a Gigantic Hellterror and Friends

The big courtyard at the mews is almost never empty.  The car jigsaw usually runs to about nine, and if some resident is so imprudent as to desire the attendance of someone who drives a van or (horrors) a lorry, negotiations of the most delicate nature are required, and probably the services of an astrologer are hired as well.  So yesterday when IT WAS EMPTY I couldn’t resist.  You didn’t get these photos yesterday, however, because the one of herself and Chaos sparring made the Funny Patch* on her head look like a remake of Attack of the Mushroom People, so I asked Blogmom to fuzz it over a little**, and she couldn’t do it right away.

Gigantic hellterror. Try tucking one of these under your arm of a morning, when hellterror is AWAAAAAAAAKE and you’re not.

You can also see a shadow of the cranky, supercilious uncle face on Chaos.

She’s not this big, she’s BOUNCING.

Although it creeps up on you, that your puppy is growing.  I mean, of course you know she’s growing, it’s what puppies do.  Also she WEIGHS MORE than she used to, when you snatch her up away from the ravening jaws of some off lead thug.  Oh, he just wants to play! says the BRAINLESS IRRESPONSIBLE owner.  I know what playful dog body language looks like.  This isn’t it.  Although the snatching up in such cases is made dazzlingly easy because your adrenaline level just rocketed.  Which means that five minutes from now you’re going to have to find something to sit down on–draping your gigantic hellterror over your knees, so she can’t find any distressing substances to eat while you’re seeing stars.

Also note snarky uncle face.


There isn’t a mean bone in her entire hyperactive little body (also the hellhounds simply have the legs on her, although she has an impressive sudden-little-dashes facility) and mostly she plays with Chaos because he will play with her.  But it has not escaped her attention that Darkness is fun to tease.

I’m not sure who’s winning.

But I don’t think they care.

The dynamic hasn’t really changed. Chaos plays with her. Darkness WORRIES.


Hey! Wait for me! I got DISTRACTED!

Fortunately hellhounds are pretty good about turning around and coming back when the hellgoddess hastily sucks in her breath and SCREAMS.

You know, Darkness, you might even ENJOY playing with her.

You could maybe give it a try some time.

The fabulous hellterror tummy. Admired by all.

Woosilly woosilly woosilly woosilly.  Or thereabouts.



Maybe he’s worrying about how gigantic she’s getting.

* * *

* Which is diminishing nicely, and should be gone in another week or so.

** No, of course I don’t know how to do it myself.  I can crop.  That’s ALL I can do.



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