February 2, 2013



So.  I’ve got some wall photos.  Remember the wall?

The view from my kitchen door, if you turn your head to the right. No big deal, right?


But step closer. Um. Well, maybe it’s a little bit of a deal.


To give you a little more sense of scale, that was all wall where there is plywood now holding my greenhouse together. Atlas and I recovered most of what you see from the mess in poor Theodora’s garden.


Eeep. (Atlas put the barbed wire up as a temporary measure because my walled garden is now open to the road AND I DON’T LIKE THIS AT ALL.)


This is after Theodora’s Strong Young Men did major clearing. This used to be a flower bed.


The long view. Ouch. Theodora’s garden took 98% of the damage. Mine took 2%. Plus the back of my greenhouse.

That’s Phineas’ house you’re looking through the hole at, my semi-detached neighbour.  The cottage is hidden behind the greenhouse.

Some dizzy and confused tulips are trying to grow.



And there’s still a lily pond under the rubble.



Sigh. Poor Theodora.



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