January 26, 2013

Hellterror, eating



So here she is being forced to work for her food.  You knock it around, it dispenses food.   FOOOOOOOOOD.

I’ve also got a Wobbler for her—as a result of someone on the forum mentioning the entertainment value of feeding your dog this way—which is the same kind of thing in that your dog cuffs it around so that food falls out the hole but the Wobbler is not really satisfactory with the tiny puppy kibble, which empties out too fast.  This one the aperture is adjustable.  The Wobbler will come into its own as soon as she shifts over to adult kibble.  And I can’t wait.  Hellhounds are well aware that she’s eating something that they aren’t allowed so they sneak around after her looking for anything she’s missed—and she does miss the occasional crumb which Chaos in particular eats instantly—my hellhounds who, as previously observed, wouldn’t dream of eating dry kibble.  This dry kibble, of course, has cereal grains in it, which the hellhounds are wildly and spectacularly allergic to, but I creep around looking for spillages after I’ve locked the hellterror up again and SO FAR the occasional dot of kibble half the size of my littlest fingernail has had no adverse effect on hellhound digestion.  In a perfect world there would be grain-free puppy kibble—dogs didn’t evolve to eat cereal grains any more than we did—but if it exists I probably can’t afford it.   And she looks pretty healthy.  I could stand it if she had a little less energy. . . .

I’ve seen this before. I think . . . I think if I . . .






You are a THING. Why don’t you just GIVE ME MY FOOOOOOD?


I’m still hungry. And you’re still a THING.


YAAAAAAAH! You can’t get away from MEEEEE!


Gimmee gimmee gimmee GIMMEEEEEEEEE.


Oh the adorable.

Me?  Besotted?  What?


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