September 26, 2012

The Most Beautiful Puppy, continued 2 



Chocolate Pavlova. 

This had actually crossed my mind.  Surprisingly.  Bag the berries, I figure, the pavlova I have in mind is layers of chocolate and vanilla meringue stuck together with whipped cream and melted chocolate drizzled lavishly over the top.  Non standard?  A pavlova must have berries?  Bite me, one might say. 

And Pavlova the bull terrier puppy is the right colour for my pavlova. 

Melissa Mead

Chaos, Darkness, and Mayhem? (May for short.) 

SNORK.  I like ‘May’.  It sounds so . . . innocent. 


Are you really sure that naming a dog “Mayhem” is a good idea???? Seems like it would be asking for trouble…! 

For the moment she will remain Pavlova on the blog.  If she earns Mayhem . . . 


Havoc is always a good choice. 

. . . or Havoc in a year or so we may have a Renaming Ceremony.  But Darkness and Chaos are the names I use that they don’t know—their call names, the names they know mean COME HERE NOW OR YOU ARE IN DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE, are perfectly honest polite plausible names suitable for screaming across half Hampshire, and they were a good year old before all the other things I called them to relieve my feelings settled down to Darkness and Chaos.  But they EARNED Darkness and Chaos.


*thunk* ::dies of cute:: 

Yes.  It’s now two days ago so when Southdowner just now sent me the photos she took on Sunday I’m all DIES.  OF.  CUTE. 


She is so precious!!! 


(If you don’t know Barsotti, he is seriously worth a cruise.  He totally gets it about dogs. 

Diane in MN

Are you really sure that naming a dog “Mayhem” is a good idea???? Seems like it would be asking for trouble…!

NAMING CALLS. When it comes to dogs, this isn’t superstition, it’s for real. 

Absolutely.  I’d say for critters generally—or for anything you call, including spirits from the vasty deep and so on.  I’m pushing it labelling my guys the hellhounds since ‘mostly whippet with a little deerhound’ doesn’t really roll off the tongue.  But they are the hellhounds to me.  And my personality was wrecked long before I came out as the hellgoddess. 

Congratulations on your beautiful puppy girl! I agree with kateinseattle that she has a measuring eye, but that’s okay. Means there’s a brain in there.

 It’s also a soft eye.  Lavvy has soft eyes—just before she kangaroo-leaps and head-butts you and you thud back into the wall with a small anguished cry.  She’s still a bull terrier.  Pavlova is still going to grow up to be a bull terrier.

Southdowner gets quite cranky about people declaring that bull terriers are stupid.  She says they’re as trainable as any dog, you just have to mean it more.  She still thinks I’m unprepared for the reality of a bull terrier, and I daresay I am . . . but I also think she underestimates hellhounds.

There have been moments these last few weeks when I’ve thought Olivia and Southdowner were trying to talk me out of getting my first bull terrier.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a characteristic of good breeders, especially with people who are new to their breed. 

I think I knew that, but had forgotten, not having faced a new breed in a while.  And Southdowner is my friend.  When someone you believe has your best interests at heart appears to be trying very hard to talk you out of something, you start to worry.

But she still doesn’t have the name she’s going to have to learn to answer to. But now that I know who I’m naming . . .

Just a suggestion–don’t make it anything that rhymes with “no”. I speak from experience . . . 

SNORK.  Well, since I didn’t get Fruitcake, ‘Cyrano’ is no longer at issue.  If I ever did have a male bull terrier. . . . Well, I could call him ‘Sir’ for short.  That should be safe.  


Olivia also knew that I had an early crush on Fruitcake but I was not going to be allowed to have a boy for my first bull terrier.

First …. ??!! 

SNORK.  I acknowledge your point, but if you are faced with two intent, anxious women determined to save you from yourself as gently as possible, they do say things like ‘first’ to comfort you about the limitations of now. 


PUPPY. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

That covers it nicely. 


She is beautiful! I love her markings; her blaze is so charming and the little tan spots on her eyebrows will, I believe, make her seem even more expressive and emotive. 

She is the BEST.  She is the BEST.  I just had an email from Olivia saying that they are all four stunners, and I wrote back politely agreeing but . . . mine is the best.

When is she coming to live with you for good?? 

Weekend after next.  EEEEEEEEEEEP.  I both want her NOW, right NOW, I’m wasting TIME*, and I also . . . kind of wish I were still on the list for next year’s puppies.**

There is a further tactical problem.  The only way to get a second crate into my kitchen at the cottage is to take the table out.  I was saying this to someone by email last night—I’d stopped at the big pet-warehouse place yesterday to view my options, on my way in to the abbey—oh well, I don’t entertain much, and I usually eat breakfast sitting on a stool next to the Aga which is keeping my teapot warm.  But even if I do take the table out . . . WHERE DO I PUT IT EVEN TEMPORARILY?  We may have to have handbell evenings at Third House till she’s old enough for a sleeping-only sized crate, which I think will fit in the kitchen, although one of the chairs will have to go somewhere else permanently.  But while she still needs somewhere to pee overnight I HAVE A PROBLEM.*** 

I also have faith that the hellhounds will accept her into the pack sooner rather than later. My experience with sighthounds has shown them to be unfailingly kind and sweet to babies of any species.

I’m sure they’ll all three be fine eventually.  I admit I’m faintly anxious about how long eventually may take.  And yes, hellhounds adore puppies met out on the landscape.  This business about having one follow them home is not quite so immediately recognised as a Good Thing. 


Congratulations on a truly gorgeous puppy (especially now that her ears are up… eaaaaarrrrrsssss…). I thought she was the prettiest from the very first pictures you posted, actually. 

Ah yes, the ears.  The thing that is worrying me about Pavlova’s ears is that bullie ears come up the whole way—like an Alsatian’s.  The tips don’t flop over like a hellhound’s, and as Pavlova’s are still doing at present.  But the smaller the eventual dog the sooner the ears stand up straight . . . and Fruitcake and Croissant’s ears are standing up straight now

            Well, she is the prettiest. . . .   


I can now say that I was hoping it would be Pavlova. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I actually thought Pavlova was the prettiest of the girls too—but she was also the original Big Girl, the biggest puppy at birth† and the puppy that had to be on the top of every heap going.  It wasn’t relevant at first because I wasn’t on the list for this litter, but I went ahead and had a crush on Fruitcake because he was the runt,†† and because even as a fantasy I didn’t want a thug.  Pavlova didn’t start manifesting her milder side till comparatively recently, I think—and Scone is now way out front as the puppy who will grow up to be the Bullie That Wins Crufts/Ate Schenectady—meanwhile Pavlova seems to have morphed into the tolerant, laid back one.  Ready to roll with a clueless human. 


Scone. These are NOT soft eyes.


Yay!! Congratulations!! She’s absolutely adorable. Hope Chaos and Darkness regain their composure soon. I am looking forward to lots and lots of puppy pics.

I’m sure that can be arranged.  


The Most Beautiful Puppy. Also most adorable. Etc.

I was going to hang more tonight but I am trashed.†††

That’s a good leap on Darkness’s part, to get over a waist-high door. 

Well, he thought I needed rescuing.  He may have a point. . . . 

* * *

* I’m finishing frelling SHADOWS.  And frelling doodling.  

** But not really.  MINE.  MINE. 


*** There is a further Interesting Development which is that everybody involved in this transaction is presently in a vehicularly challenged state.  I can never drive far because of the frelling ME.  Olivia’s dog-transport car had some bits fall off recently and apparently the particular brand of green garden twine she has used on previous occasions has discontinued production.  Poor Southdowner broke down on the way home Sunday night and had an EPIC adventure of nearly six hours of waiting around by the side of the road while (a) the RAC decided they couldn’t fix the van and (b) the taxi to take her and the puppies home was delayed on its way back from Warsaw. 

            I really do not want to bring Pavlova home in a carrier on the train.  Really.  Do not.  Want. ^ 

^ She’d probably think it was a thrilling adventure.  Bullies are like that.+  I would be a nervous wreck. 

+ I keep thinking of Nemo trotting cheerfully through the crowds at the Birmingham train station.  

† See:  ears 

†† Relatively.  And it didn’t last.  

††† Stress levels are a TRIFLE HIGH.


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