November 23, 2011

Another Fiona Day


And yes, ENORMOUS QUANTITIES of sale/auction stuff was parcelled up and hauled off to the post office by the gallant Fiona.  Or rather . . . toward the post office.  Fiona was here nearly eight hours–and so far as I can tell she never bothers with the frivolities lesser humans enjoy, like tea breaks and food–and was STILL stuffing things in envelopes and justifying my untidy heaps when I took her by the hair* and ordered her to go home.  So she’s actually bundled up the bundles and is going to take them–in batches, she says, so they don’t lock the door the next time they see her coming–to her post office.

             But I’m still not done.  I’m nothing like done.  Fiona comes again on the 9th** and then we’ll see where we are.   Meanwhile I’m so frelling tired I’m having trouble finding the keyboard.***  Okay, it’s a funny flat thing with bobbles . . . I know it’s around here somewhere. . . .

              And I was PLANNING on doing a doodle blog . . . and then discovered that I’d USED the last of my extra-special Blogmom Photo Templates and, you know, she might have been taking her evening off . . . fortunately she was still reading her emails and Took Pity.   But it’s a lot later than I meant it to be either. 

               So anyway.  Here are a few more recent highlights.

There are a lot of Mystery Doodle Requests.  Why does anyone want a velociraptor on PEGASUS?

Why does someone want a velociraptor on PEGASUS?

Dragon. My dragons, I find, vary, but they all have arrowhead tails.


Another Mystery Request: a hellcat cuddling a platypus. WHAT?

Rosebush. No, definitely not botanically correct.

Terrier. Well, the fabulous doodle-buying person didn't stipulate what KIND of terrier.

Nothing like leaving ENOUGH ROOM ON THE TITLE PAGE to autograph, let alone doodle.

Tsornin and Narknon. Sorry about the shadow (where I've blocked out the dedicatee's name, having forgotten to take the photo first.) I was getting pretty punchy by then.


So bag the title page. Keep turning. To find Greatheart.

 And you know what I’ve been DOING while all these photos load?  Starting a new knitting project.

* * *

* Having slacked off for several hours to work on SHADOWS.

** Steeleye Span concert.  Ahem.  –Fiona was playing Steeleye today and Cold Haily came on.  QUIET!  I said (I believe we were discussing bubblewrap for the illustrated ROSE DAUGHTERs^).  I have to LISTEN!  They make it sound so easy.

^ One of the insane people who has spent excessive amounts of money for her very own personalised copy of this huge glamorous art book illustrated by a genuine fine artist WANTED A DOODLE.  (*&^%$£”!!!!!!!!!   I also nearly had a heart attack from nerves.  What if I BOTCHED IT?  I would have to fall on my (sharpened) drawing pencil. 

*** Oh gods, I haven’t sung yet.  Speaking of keyboards.


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