June 25, 2011

Twelve days and counting… (guest post by AJLR)


This post is not about bees* but it is about creating a bit of buzz. It’s about the fact that it’s now only 12 days until the UK publication of PEGASUS and the book-signing that Robin will be doing at the Forbidden Planet store on Shaftesbury Avenue in London on the 7th of July. We’re planning to have a very good time that evening, possibly including cake – eaten, not thrown – and to listen to the dulcet tones of our Hellgoddess as she surveys the throng that will be there and addresses us in stirring fashion.+

However, not everyone who would like to be there will be able to make it. We thought, therefore, that one way of sharing some of the enjoyment of the publication day and signing would be to have a competition that can be entered online by anyone, whether they’re one of Robin’s readers in the UK or are elsewhere in the world. Penguin UK, the publishers of the UK edition,  have kindly offered some copies of the new publication as prizes and will post them to wherever our three winners turn out to be.

The competition is a crossword puzzle.** The clues and answers come from PEGASUS, CHALICE, and SUNSHINE and from the chapters of those books that you can read at the scribd link from Robin’s website. So no-one is excluded because they haven’t (yet) managed to get their own copy of any of these. You can download a PDF file of the crossword, the clues, and an answer template that can be completed and then copied and pasted into an email here – McKinleyreadersCrosswordJune2011. ***

The email address to send your answers to is mods @ robinmckinleysblog.com (there are no spaces in the live address, obviously) and this is also shown on the PDF file itself.

The competition is open for a week, until 12.00 British Summer Time on Sunday, 3rd July. (Time zone converter)

We will be contacting the winners by email two or three days after the closing date so don’t forget to send in your answers from an email address that you check regularly. The three winners will be randomly drawn from those entrants who have submitted a list of the correct answers to all the clues. And I hope you have fun doing it. :)

* * *

* They’re doing fine, thank you. More about their first month in their new home in about three weeks’ time.

+ ‘Stirring’?  ::Hellgoddess trying to get her head around audience as cookie batter::

** Made using the free-to-download Hot Potatoes software. It’s been used to create basic e-learning materials here for quite a while and I thoroughly recommend it.

*** The download link for the PDF file has been tested several times but if for some reason it doesn’t work for you (and don’t forget to click the usual ‘save’ icon to put a copy of it on your own computer) then please email the mods’ address given above.


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