April 29, 2011

More bluebells*


And maybe a lilac.  I adore lilacs.  Hurtles are slow in lilac season because I have to stop and sniff a lot. **

Third House has very good lilacs. My predecessor knew her lilacs. And then I put in two more.

And a few lambs.

Pre-yarn on four legs

I see this one in pink, and that one in a creamy gold blend, and have I mentioned my most/least favourite on line shop having another frelling yarn sale?

And finally.  Bluebells. 

And that’s it for this year.  Sigh.  These are from the beginning of this week and today, and today I can see them beginning to go over.  The lilacs will be going for a little longer.  And I’ve got a few more roses beginning to crack. . . .

* * *

* Several people have emailed or tweeted me, asking my opinion of the royal wedding.  This is my opinion:

I’m failing to find any nice round numbers about what the bloody thing cost, but I am willing to hazard a guess that if the money had been put elsewhere there could have been a lot fewer library closings.


And yes, it’s a funny thing, but I have remarkably little trouble keeping my story, fairy-tale royalty and my this-world, they’re-just-people-with-an-expensive-life-style royalty separate.

** Hellhounds understand the stopping and sniffing, but find my choices peculiar.


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