February 28, 2011

The Harass Oisin into Producing What He Promised Guest Blog Riot Thread


Months ago Oisin, my piano and composing teacher, piano accompanist and organ maestro, musical director-arranger for The Octopus and the Chandelier, and source of cups of strong tea on Friday afternoons . . . promised me a guest blog.  I can’t now remember how the subject first came up, but I always have my tongue hanging out for guest blogs, so once the subject had been raised I wasn’t going to let it slip away.  And then he promised—promised—that he’d write me a guest blog if I’d sing for him.  Not, you realise, that this was going to be a big event in his life, but once a music teacher always a music teacher, and I kept whining at him that it would be great to take advantage of his accompanist skills and he kept saying, yes, fine, so bring your frelling music.*

            Finally the guest post carrot was dangled in front of the recalcitrant donkey . . . and the donkey brayed.

            That was months ago.  Oisin still owes me a guest post.**

            And a few nights ago on the forum someone began a rhubarb on the subject of the Oisin Guest Post, and I said, wait, let the man get through the final performance of Octopus and Chandelier . . . and then we’ll get him.

            Octopus finished last night.  So you’re on.

            Mods are standing by to start a thread specifically created to harry Oisin into cooperation.  What we want here are a lot of comments saying WRITE THE GUEST POST, OISIN.  Variations on a theme are good.  Extra points for creative wheedling.  And when I say extra points. . . .

            Everybody who posts a WRITE THE GUEST POST, OISIN comment to this forum thread will go into a brand new drawing for a signed PEGASUS poster.***  And if you make me laugh † I’ll put your name in twice.†† 

            And in a day or two I will print this thread off and put it through the mail slot in his door.  Just in case he is trying to escape the inevitable by not reading this blog.  So the thread needs to be really long and full of threatening and persuasive adjectives.  Okay?

 * * *

*Although unless he’s been reading the blog more regularly than he admits to, I don’t think he’s picked up the use of ‘frelling’. 

** He owes me two, but I can’t remember what the second one was for.  If anyone else does remember, please remind me.

*** If you don’t want a poster, I won’t force you.  Please nag Oisin anyway.  I really want that guest post(s).

† Write a guest post or my forty-six friends and I will come to New Arcadia and sing Take That and Britney Spears’ standards under your window!  And Captain and Tenille!  And Richard Marx!  And Celine Dion!  And Paula Abdul!  Billy Joel!  Hall & Oates!  Pat Benatar!  Bryan Adams!  (Stop!  Stop!  AAAAUGH!)

†† More than one posted comment is also allowed but you have to say different things.  Repetitions of the basic ‘write the guest post, Oisin’ will only net you one chance in the drawing.^

 ^ Unless I’m in an expansive mood.  I might be in an expansive mood.  After all, we want to wear him down.  Repetition might be just the ticket.  On the dripping tap/squeaky wheel principle.


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