December 30, 2010

San Francisco Bay PRC Report – Black Bear


Just before the rush of holidays is of course right when work gets the craziest, errands need to be run, pets demand attention, house requires cleaning… and PRC photos and reports begin streaming in from all fronts.  All these things conspired to prevent me from getting timely posts up for several of our December events, and I deeply apologize for those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for your PRCs to appear on the blog.   (I’m also hampered by having come down with a wretched cold; working at the world’s largest children’s museum means I am exposed to the world’s largest collection of viruses on a daily basis, and no amount of hand sanitizer can resist the onslaught of our holiday traffic increase….)  Anyway, I’m going to make it all up to you.  Today I present you with Equus Pedus’ report for the Bay Area PRC, with photos of tasty treats.  Future posts will combine a series of shorter reports from sundry parties, and we’ll finish off with a report of the Urbana Free Library event, which I can personally attest was fabulous!  Then in January we’ll have a roundup and the drawing for the signed copies of Pegasus.

I don’t want to have to drag this out, so the absolutely final cutoff for sending me names of attendees from your party is January 7.

Now, without further ado, I give you–Equus_Pedus:

Six of us gathered at Crixa Cakes over a variety of baked goods and coffee or chocolate based beverages. As only three of us had finished Pegasus (at least one person is holding out til the 2nd volume is available), we instead talked about other McKinley books, non-McKinley books, interesting people of our acquaintances, food, and pets. There are hopes for future gatherings. Aelia chose to remove herself from the raffle due to a lack of wallspace and already owning Pegasus. She drew Marina from the Hat to take home the book, while Sharon and equus_peduus received the posters. Attendees were Marina, Aelia, equus_peduus, Sequoia_sempervirens, and a couple lurkers, Kate and Sharon. While we did not photograph the actual people, we did photograph their baked goods…


Marina started with a slice each of Fresh Ginger Cake and Pumpkin Pie.

Sharon had eaten half her Krendel before I got to it with a camera.

Kate's Ginger Cake is posing with the poster, the raffle-copy of Pegasus and the Raffle Hat.

The hot chocolate about to be consumed by equus_peduus sports a fluffy pile of foamed milk.

Kate had The Last Romantic - an intense, bittersweet hot chocolate - and just to show how much more intense it was than the standard hot chocolate, here are the two cups next to each other.

Aelia enjoyed a slice of Black Forest Cake (which then led to a conversation about bees and Marachino cherries).

Sequoia's piece of Jamaican Rum Chocolate Mousse Cake is seen next to two copies of Pegasus. Marina's help was enlisted to help finish the cake, much to her undismay.

Sequoia subsequently posed with a poster, her accidental slice of Pumpkin Spice Cake, some tea, and most of the McKinley books that made it to the meet. This was then followed by some pumpkin pie (not pictured).


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