November 30, 2010

Further manifestations of creative reader baked goods & Ask Robin

Okay, is this too amazing or what?  One of our lurkers emailed me out of the blue a few days ago to say that (a) she really liked my books (b) she read the blog faithfully and (c) oh by the way she got married and I might be interested in her wedding cake. 


           I’m not sure how clear the photo is going to be on your various screens (yes I asked her if I could post it first, she showed a bizarre pleasure at this request), but the bottom book is the complete Jane Austen.  The top one (the only standard item for a wedding) is the Bible.  The middle two I think you can see.  She wrote:  I am both an aspiring writer and a part time librarian and have a deep love of books so when none of the traditional wedding cake styles struck my fancy, I came up with my own design.  I chose my favorite love stories for each layer of the cake, the Bible on top, and the collected works of Jane Austen on bottom and Beauty and Spindle’s End in the middle.  . . . I thought Spindle’s End was especially appropriate as my husband often reminds me of Narl, right down to the occasional grunt.

              Also hee hee hee with the yowzah, then.

 * * * 

So in honour of all of my craz—of all of my thoughtful and judicious readers, let’s have an Ask Robin or two to finish off with.  I realise we haven’t had any in forever but this is mostly because I’ve been doing an awful lot of Ask-Robiny things* as part of the marketing splash for PEGASUS.  But the flood of these seems to be abating so I can flop back into my usual Days in the Life froth.**

            And remember the Ask Robin archive.   The official—as opposed to the clueless—queries about the sequel to SUNSHINE have fallen off, which would make me happier if the clueless ones didn’t keep coming in, but I’m still regularly asked whether Luthe and Aerin get back together, which I dealt with definitively here  (it’s in among others, you have to scroll down a ways) although I’ve mentioned it various other places. 

            Here’s another one that I get regularly, and it’s certainly been answered in previous incarnations but I’m not sure it’s ever appeared on the blog and thus got into the archive: 

I’ve been wondering this one for years, and I think I’ve checked everywhere else for the answer. In Hero, after Aerin defeats Agsded, she falls asleep and dreams three different scenes. One is of Hetta from Water and one is Harry, I thought. But the last one is of three men, one of whom we hear is called Tommy and one called Leo. Is that a story that is published somewhere and I missed it, or is it a story not yet written, or is it in a drawer somewhere?

That’s actually not Hetta, although it’s a reasonable guess.  But ‘The white walls around her were so high there seemed to be clouds resting on their heads;  low steps behind her led to an open door . . . and the flat earth around the pool was covered with squares of white stone.’  Nope.  Not Hetta.  It’s yet another Damar story I haven’t told yet***, this one about a (relatively) back-country witch (she’s been banished for the sin of being inconvenient) who finds herself inadvertently going up against a general who is on her side in terms of feeling that the tyrant who banished her ought to be himself removed.  They have a slight disagreement about justifiable means.  The second one is Harry.  And the third one is a snippet, edited for inclusion there, from the original Damar story, the one I was writing and losing my mind over that I put aside to write BEAUTY, which was going to be a short story, right?  Just to give me a break from Damar.  It all began with Damar.

 * * *

* The most recent was headed ‘I’m a reader not a writer’ and was a list of funny or non-writing questions, such as What is the last film you saw? (I don’t remember, it’s been so long:  you could ask me what was the last opera I saw, I could answer that, and so could all my blog readers), or You have won one million dollars, what is the first thing you would buy? (A new front door for Third House), and various others that take too much backstory for anyone who doesn’t read the blog regularly, plus a lot of ‘what is your favourite—?’ ‘what is the single—?’ which always make my mind go blank.  But one of those that I knew the answer to instantly was ‘what is your favourite flavour of ice cream’ . . . which regretfully I decided not to answer.  Of course I’m going to post the link when it goes live, and lots of faithful blog readers were going to say, favourite ice cream, she doesn’t eat ice cream, she’s always moaning about not eating dairy, what’s with this, I’m not going to feel sorry for her any more.  I would hate it if people stopped feeling sorry for me for not being able to eat ice cream.  So I thought I’d tell you that while my tradition of having an Ice Cream Blow Out about once a year has rather lapsed because the last time I did it I really paid for it and I’m thinking even ice cream isn’t worth it . . . I can still remember the Perfect Ice Cream, which is chocolate chip in vanilla ice cream.  LOTS of chocolate chips in a SUBLIME vanilla ice cream.  Which they pretty well frelling stopped making, or maybe it’s just what I could find over here, and maybe, since I stopped having blow outs, the fashion has swung back in my direction (in which case don’t tell me).  I used to end up buying a pint of sextuplet chocolate super whammy ice cream plus a pint of vanilla, Haagen Dasz^ or Ben and Jerry’s or—more lately—Green & Black’s, and mixing.^^  And yes, I could get through two pints of ice cream in a single blow out, no problem.^^^ This used to freak Peter out enough however that the last time or two I did it when he was playing bridge.

^ I don’t remember how to spell this, so I was googling it and . . . they appear to have a theme song ‘Melt Together’—??!!!??   Okay, it’s a good thing I don’t buy their ice cream any more.

^^ I think it was Haagen Dazs that used to have a vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds.  This with octuplet chocolate whatever . . . mmmmmmmm.  All right, I’m homesick.  I’m homesick for a body that can eat ice cream.  Never mind. 

^^^ A woman who can eat a quarter of a pie for supper is not going to be stymied by two pints of ice cream. 

** I originally wrote ‘sloth’ and then thought SLOTH?  800-1500 words every night is SLOTH?  Holy slavedriver, Batman, what is my idea of hard work?  Froth, however, is clearly valid. 

*** It’s not even one of the regular Several Third Damar Novels


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