November 28, 2010

Pegasus Parties – NYC and Indy (Black Bear)

On one hand, I feel guilty for hi-jacking Robin’s blog regularly with these Pegasus Party Reports.  On the other, every guest blog gives her that much more time to work on Pegasus II, so I can’t feel too bad about it….

So you’ve already heard about Jeanne Marie’s spectaculariffic get-together in Kansas City last weekend.  Our other two public PRC’s were in Indianapolis (my own stomping grounds) and The Big Apple.  Our New York gathering was small, but cozy–held at Irving Place Coffee in Manhattan.  Here’s a report from Kathy L., our intrepid organizer:

The cake party went very well!  We had 4 people in all–I think the confluence of the weekend and upcoming holidays derailed some plans.   However, a grand time was had by the four of us–we had tea, red velvet cupcakes, and even chicken soup!  We met at a classic, stereotypically hip New York cafe, identifying each other by our carefully positioned copies of Pegasus.  We talked books, books, and more books, circling around Robin’s many times, and gathering some terrific recommendations along the way.  I made everyone say what their favorite Robin book was and we had quite the range:  The Blue Sword, The Hero and the Crown, Deerskin, and Dragonhaven.  One of us was an eighth-grade teacher, and since everyone already had a copy of Pegasus, we agreed that the publisher’s copy ought to be donated to her classroom.

And a close-up of cupcake, coffee, and book:

Well done, Kathy L and the NYC crowd!

The central Indiana PRC was similar, in that it involved cupcakes, book chat, and more book chat!  I had a sudden attack of paranoia that we might only have 2 people (Kathy_S and myself, who were carpooling) and so I posted on my Facebook that I was on my way to a Pegasus Release and Cupcakes Party, about an hour before launch time.  Lo and behold, my friend Andy called out of the blue and asked to tag along–despite never having read Robin’s books, he’s a fantasy fan and is always up for trying something new.  So the three of us headed to the bookstore with a pile of McKinley books and a large box of cupcakes in tow.

The icing on the peanut butter chocolate one is to die for.

When we got to the bookstore, we found jhutchison already waiting for us–and SHE brought cupcakes TOO!

I don't even know what flavor this cupcake was. I don't care.

We all settled in to get to know each other, spread Robin’s books out on the table, and started chatting.  Soon we were joined by Maureen E, and Suzanne (who’s seldom on the forum, but reads the blog and decided to join our soiree!)  Andy was very excited to have an intellectual discussion about fantasy novels:


Well, after the cupcakes, that is.  Really, though, we had a great conversation about books–after some talk about Robin’s work, we went around the table and gave recommendations for the best thing we’d read recently that was NOT Pegasus.  We raffled off the posters and the book, plus a copy of YA Chalice (I had an extra.)  Pegasus was won by jhutchison, who already owns the book and thus declared her intention to donate it to her local library.  Hooray!

Finally the Barnes and Noble coffeeshop dude came over to find out just what we were up to.  We offered him a cupcake in exchange for taking our group photo; he readily agreed.

From left, that's Maureen E, Andy, Kathy_S, jhutchison, Black Bear, and Suzanne

As you can see, it was a highly successful Pegasus Release Weekend!  I’m looking forward to hearing from this week’s folks, we’ve got 4 coming up before the end of November.

****Special Note!**** If you are in the Denver Metro Area and you like Robin’s books, please consider coming to the Denver PRC!  They lost a couple confirmed attendees due to scheduling issues, but are pressing ahead regardless.  It’s December 4, at the Tattered Cover on 16th St. at 2:30 pm.  For info you can contact our organizer directly: hilarylpalmer [at] aol [dot] com.



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