October 30, 2010

Pegasus Celebrations Update 1 (from Black Bear)

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting regularly to let Robin’s blog readers know what’s going on in the way of Pegasus Release Celebration events.  If a date/time/place for a city has been set, it’ll be listed.  If it says “proposed,” that means that someone has offered to organize an event, but we’ve not had any confirmed responses. If you are in one of those areas and are interested, PLEASE go to the forum thread (linked in the list below) and respond in one of those threads.  If you’re not a forum member, you can email me (whiteape [at] whiteape [dot] net) and I will let the organizer know that there’s someone who’d like to come.  And FYI, “organizer” for the purpose of this list is the person who started the thread, or who emailed me to inquire.  If someone else ends up doing most of the organizing work for an event, just let me know and we’ll make sure the record so shows.

Raffle prize info: you need a confirmed date/time/location, and at least 3 people who say they’re coming (organizer + 2) for me to ask Robin’s publisher to mail you a raffle package.  As I’m still getting the particulars of this sorted out with Robin’s e-marketing person, parties held sooner rather than later may not get their loot in time to have it AT the party—but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have a raffle!  Just get names and phone numbers; perhaps prize delivery will be another excuse for cake…

10 am, 10/29/10


In the USA


Central Indiana – Saturday, November 13, 1:30 –3:30 pm.  Probably at a local Borders bookshop; phonecalls are being made. Organizer: Black Bear

Chicagoland – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Apple

Seattle—possibly Sunday November 7, not yet set in stone. Possibly in Fremont, or the Alki bakery. Organizer: Forthewords

San Francisco Bay area – possibly on a Friday night, in Berkeley.  November 14  and December 10 have been proposed.  Organizer: Equus_Pedus

Brooklyn/Manhattan – Friday, November 19, evening time TBD. Possibly in Brooklyn, possibly at Irving Place Coffee in Manhattan.  This is a YA book club group, but they’d love to meet up with more fans for coffee and cake! Location will depend on whether other people from not-Brooklyn boroughs want to come, so please email me or post in the forum if you’re in the area. Organizer: Kathy L., via email.

Boston/Worcester/Nashua/Providence area – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Gryphyn

Denver Metro area – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Catlady

Kansas City – proposed in forum.  Organizer:  Jeanne Marie

Los Angeles/Orange Co – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Peanut

Central NY/Northern PA/Toronto – proposed in forum.  Organizer: cmarschner (who lives in Ithaca)

Baton Rouge – proposed in forum, suggesting the afternoon of Saturday, November 13 at Highland Coffee.  Organizer: Ned

DC/Baltimore – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Mirkat

Outside the USA

Kent, England –  Date/location TBD, possibly the café above the Waterstones in Canterbury.  Organizer: AJLR

Christchurch, NZ – proposed in forum.  Organizer: BlueRose

Barcelona, Spain – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Criscopolo

Quebec, Canada – proposed in forum.  Organizer: Holmes44


Additional events

We have a book club in Oregon who are interested in hosting an event—not certain yet whether this will be open to the public or if it’s a club event only.  And we have a school librarian in Wisconsin who will be organizing 2 PRCs, one for her 7th grade readers and one for 8th!  How awesome is that, I ask you? *

* * *

Here’s something to get you in the mood**: 


The sticker on the back says www.halfmoonbay.co.uk although what I’ve got is a coaster and it’s only showing up as a kitchen magnet on the site.  I’m sure you’ll cope.  Also, there are a lot of good alternative coasters.  I particularly like ‘a clean house is a sign of a wasted life’ although ‘because chocolate can’t get you pregnant’ made me laugh out loud. 

* * *

* Pretty frelling awesome.

** I am hoping that my extra-resonant sense of irony here is not a result of my awareness of the immediate prospect of the US elections.  No, no I’m sure the pegasi, famously clueless soldiers as they are,  have a chocolate cake equivalent.  I’ll try to get it into PEG II.


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