July 6, 2010

Great Big Hairy Exciting News! Guest post by Jodi Meadows

Hello Days In The Life readers!

A few days ago, I emailed Robin with some NEWS. Her response? I bet you can guess. It went something like “YAAAAAAAYguestpost!YAAAAAAAY!!!!”*

That sounds just like her, doesn’t it? Wedding? Guest post. Cake decorating? Guest post. Squirrel? Guest post! So I wasn’t actually surprised when her response to, “Yo! I sold some books!” was “Guest post!” **

Wait, I did what?

A few of you might remember some months ago when Robin announced that I’d found a literary agent. Quick recap in case you don’t feel like going back to look: I like to write stories and I’d really like someone to pay me for them. The best way to do that is to get a literary agent.

Okay, so I did that. I managed to trick Lauren into thinking I’m awesome. (Hi, Lauren, if you’re reading this! <3)

The next step is for the agent to convince editors I’m awesome using whatever means necessary. (Hi, editors!) Ideally, one or two or ten editors will fall in love with the manuscript and have a hair-pulling match to see who gets to buy it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

This time, it happened.

On July 1, Lauren held an auction for my trilogy, which begins with ERIN INCARNATE. I’m told there wasn’t actually hair-pulling, which is probably best for everyone involved. It was a VERY exciting day, filled with phone calls and squeeing — and then the shift in reality in which I realized people wanted to give me money for a story I wrote.

Okay. I know that happens to some people. It’s pretty much how the book industry works. Someone writes a book, an agent pitches it to editors, an editor loves it and gets permission to buy it. Obviously it happens. That’s why we’re reading Robin’s blog — because she makes a living writing stories. I know other people who have sold books, too! This shouldn’t be so strange. Except now it’s happening to me. That makes it very strange!

But exciting. I spent the rest of the day — and the weekend! — in a rosy haze of elation and disbelief. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. I had long fantasies about what my cover art will look like. I found my spot in my Barnes and Noble. That spot, if you were curious, is very near Robin’s. Just, you know, if you wanted to find it, too.*

And here’s where I let my inner dork out. I’m REALLY excited about my spot being near Robin’s, because she’s always been one of my absolute favorite authors. I read THE BLUE SWORD and THE HERO AND THE CROWN when I was first discovering that fantasy was a genre of its very own. I’ll even admit to liking the covers I now realize involve disproportional horses and humans. She inspired me to write! I thought it was pretty cool when she asked if I’d be a moderator here. And now my books will get to sit near hers? Ah. Maz. Ing.

So that’s it! I’m pleased to announce that Katherine Tegen Books (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers) will be publishing THE NEWSOUL TRILOGY, starting with ERIN INCARNATE. My editor (omc, my editor!) is a lovely woman named Sarah who I think is very, very smart. You can see my official announcement here on my blog and, if Robin allows, I will let you guys know when the first book will be available.***

Now I will continue wandering around my house going, “Wow. Wow. OMC wow.”

publishers marketplace announcement

(Click to embiggen!)


* This is a vile canard.  My FIRST email said YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  Then I waited at least five minutes before I sent a follow-up email saying, I don’t suppose you’d like to write a guest post about it?   PS:  I also retitled this post.  Jodi was being much too reserved.

** Hmmph.

*You won’t find me there yet. If you’ve learned anything about publishing from reading this blog, you’ve learned it takes a long time for anything to happen. Typically it takes 12-18 months to get a book on the shelves. I don’t know when mine will hit. But please feel free to admire my spot and scoot the others aside to pretend you see an ERIN INCARNATE.

*** Of course.  Just so long as there’s a GUEST POST attached.


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