June 2, 2010



Remember that I got asked to write about writing SUNSHINE for an on line book club whose June book it is?  The organiser of said site and club suggested I write about my Big Idea, a la John Scalzi’s WHATEVER model, http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/01/06/the-big-idea-open-call-to-publicists-editors-and-authors/ , which I can’t do, because Big Ideas are not how I do anything, certainly not writing stories.  Fortunately she thought what I wrote instead is funny.  

And here it is.  http://calico-reaction.livejournal.com/169550.html  **

You’ll notice a brand new photo of hellgoddess*** with attendant hellhounds.   You’ll further note (with reference to recent previous posts on the subject of my husband the photographer) that my smile is perhaps a trifle grim and fixed, but at least I’m trying to smile.****   I was determined to have a new photo.  Even a slightly blurry one with a grim, fixed smile.   The hellhounds are looking slightly less ridiculous than sometimes.  And there are roses.  And because on my computer the photo on calico’s site won’t click through so you can admire the roses, here it is again here, where you should be able to.

* * * 

* To which, you remember, there is no sequel:  http://robinmckinleysblog.com/page/6/?s=there+is+no+sequel+to+SUNSHINE

** And because there are some AskRobins semi-disguised within it, this entry is going in the  ‘AskRobin’ category.  Don’t forget AskRobin is open to everybody–you don’t have to join the forum or quote long passages of the McKinley opus from memory or answer trick questions.^  You can just click and go.

^ ‘Is there a sequel to SUNSHINE?’

*** pink loving hellgoddess

**** And yes, the wall is drifting up to the left.   And I need a haircut.  So?


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