May 8, 2010

PEGASUS ARC contest!

Special Announcement by Black Bear

Want to win an autographed Advance Reader Copy of Robin’s new book, PEGASUS*?   Of course you do!

We’re running three contests: on Twitter, Facebook, and on our blog Forum.  So that’s up to three chances for you to win a book, and entering couldn’t be easier.  Well, OK, yes it could… We’re making you work for it a very little bit.

To enter the PEGASUS ARC contest, all you have to do is pick your favorite line from one of Robin’s books–could be a character quote, could be a bit of description you thought was particularly cool, could be the first sentence that really yanked you in and made you go, “Wow, this book is going to be GREAT.”  If you don’t have the book handy, you can just post a one-sentence description:  “I love the part in BLUE SWORD where….”  Post that line where we can see it–on FB, Twitter, or on the thread in Talk on our forums.  In two weeks when the contest ends, we’ll do a random drawing from each location.  You can’t win two copies, mind you, but entering all three places gives you three chances to win.  The contest starts when this announcement is posted, and ends at midnight EDT on Saturday, May 22.  The three winners will be announced on Sunday, May 23.  Anyone is eligible, no matter where you live we will get your book to you.**  Here are the specifics for each contest:

1.  Twitter users!  Tweet a sentence from or about one of Robin’s books, and hashtag it #RMCK. Do not tweet it @robinmckinley, that will use up precious characters, and besides Robin’s not the one handling the technicalities of this contest, I am.  So if you don’t use the #RMCK tag, I won’t see your entry and you are out of luck.

2.  Facebook users!  Post your sentence on Robin’s page, under the comments thread announcing the contest.  Unlike Twitter users you are not limited to 140 characters, but in the spirit of fairness, keep it to a single sentence.

3.  Forum members!  There will be a sticky thread in Talk for posting entries. As above, keep it to a single sentence, and you’re good to go.

What are you waiting for?  You like Robin’s books–so let the internet know WHY you like them so much, and you get a chance to read her latest book 5 months before it’s released!  Plus, it’ll give Robin the warm fuzzies. :)***  It’s a win-win.  So go thou forth, and post. ****

* Remember you will hate the ending.^  Having its front signed may or may not enhance this thrill of fury.  And please remember that this is only an ARC.  There are errors.  We HOPE we caught them in the proofreading . . . but it’s too late now if we didn’t.

^ I hate the ending. 

** I am a sap.  But it’s so unfair to be penalised for where you live.^

^ I feel that way about Pandora.  Grrrrr.

*** THE WARM FUZZIES??  THE–THE–WHAT?  No, wait,  I have two warm fuzzies lying asleep (and upside down) eight feet from my desk.

**** And I’m just sitting here thinking we probably really need to have a giveaway of the shiny new gold SUNSHINE . . . maybe after the end of this one . . . Hmm. . . .



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