May 3, 2010

New blog feature: Q&A

Blah blah blah blah blah, okay, okay.  People keep pointing out to me that I’m a WRITER (yes, I’m with you so far) and that I keep CLAIMING that the reason I run this blog (on Merrilee’s strong recommendation) is for SELF PROMOTION.  And then I almost never talk about writing or my books or any of that salient professional stuff*.  Credibility Dysfunction.  Yes, well, I don’t feel there’s all that much to say about writing.  It’s mostly just you and the blank piece of paper/computer screen.  And a lot of it is private–and a lot of it I forget.  It’s part of the process, and when it’s over, it’s over.  But.  Yeah.  Point taken.

So Merrilee, the ever resourceful, suggested that I ask readers for questions–presumably about writing, but this isn’t an absolute requirement–and then, you know, answer them.  So we’re going to give it a try.

Once a week or so, I will answer a selected question (or possibly questions) in my blog post.

How to submit a question

  • Anyone may submit a question.
  • Before you submit a question, please take a few minutes to check the FAQ and Ask Robin Archives** on the blog to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Story ideas, hints, wishes, beseechings, etc. are not acceptable in any form.   These submissions are automatically deleted before Robin sees them.
  • Please keep questions brief and do not include personally identifiable information about yourself or anyone else.
  • Questions posted to the forum or sent to other email addresses may not receive attention.***
  • Questions will be answered only on the blog, not in personal email.
  • All incoming questions are screened by Blogmom and the mods.
  • You may submit your question by sending e-mail to

* * *

* Although right at the moment I’m feeling very crabby that I haven’t got a copy of the latest reissue/repackage of SUNSHINE to show you.  It’s really pretty .  . . and it’s out there, and I want it on the BLOG before it’s totally old news.  The warehouse is barking and wagging its tail and playing keep-away, I believe.  If you can’t control your dog, don’t let it off lead. Ahem.  There’s also a fabulous new trade-paper cover for CHALICE but that’s not out till autumn, and I should have a flat to show you pretty soon.

** Well, you don’t have to check Ask Robin today, because there isn’t anything in it.  Yet.  But as soon as this gets going^ you’ll have to look there too.   This may turn out to be tricky to administer.^^  But if you can think of a good spin on Where do you get your ideas? Or, When are you going to write a sequel to SUNSHINE?^^^, I might answer, depending on my whim of the moment and what other questions catch my eye.  And while I’m deliberately not limiting your range absolutely to questions about writing, questions like, what breed are the hellhounds?, which you can find out by applying the ‘search’ function on the blog, are going to be thrown out by the mods before I ever see them (and get a blood pressure headache.  My mods are inspired blood-pressure-headache preventers.)

^ Supposing it does get going.  There.  Is.  Not.  That.  Much.  To.  Say.  About.  Writing.  It’smostlyyouandtheblankscreen/paper.  And you already pretty much know everything about my life I’m willing to hang in public.

^^ Sorry, mods.

^^^ A miraculously good spin.  A supernaturally, prodigiously, sensationally, unbelievably, not-of-this-universe-ily miraculously good spin, it would have to be.

*** I reserve the right to fish out the occasional question or answerable comment from the email I receive anyway, but if you’re looking for an answer you’re much better off using Ask Robin.  My mods are a lot sharper than I am, and your question will get on a list instead of buried forever in my inbox.


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