November 29, 2009

A Shameless Attempt at a Free Book 

Life has been a little complex lately* or I’d have had a hack at it sooner.  Do we all know and revere David Malki?  We do?  Then please note, all you bloggers and librarians, that you still have one more day to get your entries in.** 

I think this is the strip that 4,236,002 people sent me the link to to get me started, I having confessed I did not know David Malki and the wonder that is wondermark:  *** 

And this one is a great comfort when I have been receiving more than the usual number of emails telling me that I write wickedness and lies/puerile bilge and piffle/that SUNSHINE has to have a sequel because that is clearly not an ending when the pages run out of the first one: †  †† 

And last but not least, on the dangers of treating books carelessly which, of course, no one here would do: ††† 

* * *

* Peter is brilliant^ . . . except that I’ve got stomach flu^^ and Peter has instantly gone into Caretaker Mode.  I’m fine!  I mean, I’m not fine, but I’m fine!  I can make my own cups of tea!^^^  I can complain!  I can also lie on the sofa with hellhounds without prompting!  Watch me!  No, don’t watch me, go have a nice lie down yourself, like you’re supposed to!! 

^ Actually he’s not brilliant.  He and his face have utterly failed in the task of turning refulgent blue and scintillating purple and coruscating yellow in response to nasal surgery.  I mean, come on, what’s the point+ of having your sinuses reconfigured if you can’t even scare small children for a week or so afterward?  Not to mention appear to give your wife some excuse for having a complete nervous breakdown as a result of supporting you through your terrifying ordeal.++ 

+ Or, if you prefer, the edge 

++ Trying to remember Reese Witherspoon’s name for the Guardian crossword Wednesday night at the hospital nearly killed me.  Reese Witherspoon.  Give me a break.  I could do June Carter Cash. 

^^ Or something with symptoms congruent with a case of stomach flu.  There is more reason just now than the sheer incredible beastliness of the weather+ for going on brief sprints with hellhounds.  Gah.  Weariness of body, mind and spirit.  I didn’t make it to service ring this morning.  So it’s serious.++ 

+ The Aral Sea has dried up?  All the water has fallen on Hampshire.  If we made a very long bucket brigade we could return it. 

++ The only bright spot is that approximately the only things that don’t upset my stomach at the moment are strong black tea~, champagne and chocolate.~~  This is nearly as big a favourite as the bibliophibian.  I visit it regularly.  I drink a lot of tea.  Do not drink your tea as you hit that link.  I’m warning you. 



**  No, wait.  Rats.  More entries.  Less chance of my winning.  Never mind, guys.  Forget I said anything.  Go study quantum physics or something.  You don’t really want to enter the drawing. 

*** Yes.  I have the t shirt.  If I’d been thinking ahead I’d be wearing it so I could make my annoyingly alert and healthy husband take a photo.  If it weren’t for the sleet and the howling gale and so on and the fact that even crouched over the electric fire chafing hellhounds all over my body I’m still cold.  Maybe next year Malki can come out with wondermark Shetland pullovers. 

† It’s going to be in neon letters of fire or letters of neon fire or something big and flashy at the end of PEGASUS that no!  Yes!  This one really ISN’T finished!  I know!  I’m working on it!  It’s not a sequel, it’s just the rest of the story!  Give me a minute/month/year!  And I’ll bet you Taittingers to cold, stewed Lipton’s that I still get accusatory mail about it. 

†† Although I don’t have a cool chair that goes up and down.  Mine only goes sideways when I kick it in a rage of creative insurrection. 

††† Okay, just one more:

Hey, I totally understand.


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