December 21, 2008

The Grandness of Life


 I think I may be coming down with Niall’s flu.  Isn’t.  Life.  Grand. 

However, I can at least give you my eggnog recipe.   I realise eggnog is another of those divisive subjects:  there are people who are totally creeped out by the idea of ingesting raw egg;  there are people who prefer their eggnog to be a, you know, drink, as opposed to another deadly sin*.  And then there are those of us who think there isn’t any point to eggnog unless you need to serve it in shot glasses . . . with spoons, because it doesn’t actually pour very well.  I belong to the last category. 

            And somewhere out there someone will make this and love it the way I loved it back in the days I could frelling drink it, and I will therefore have Passed On The Torch.**  Yaay.

 Killer Eggnog 

6 eggs, separated.  Obviously you want eggs so fresh the hen is still only a few inches away

12T ordinary granulated sugar

1 c heavy cream

1 c light cream

1 c whole/full-fat milk

½  tsp vanilla

 Beat yolks very well with 6T sugar in a big enough bowl to hold everything.  Put whites in blender, blend till frothy;  add second 6T sugar gradually, beat till they’re starting to hold their shape.  Add heavy cream and vanilla;  blend again.  Add light cream and milk and blend one last time–but very gently, because the blender is by now very full.  Pour this slowly into the yolks and whisk like mad.  This is the moment to add booze, if you want booze.  I almost never did because I was usually serving it early in the day.  Before people knew what hit them.***  And there would be an awful lot of various booze later. 

And, speaking of it being the 21st of December: 

The John Calvin chocolates are pretty riveting, but be sure to click through and see the other six top picks.  If you aren’t busy gumming your fingers together with festive Christmas tape*** or removing the cat from the Christmas tree (again). 

* * *

 * The classic seven only scratches the surface, you know 

** And My Work Here Is Done.  As soon as I get the fifty-three novels I know about written.  There may be a few more I won’t notice till I clear out the backlog a little more.  But just presently I’m feeling a little pass on the torch and let me expire in peace -ish.  What I need is another glass of champagne.  The bubbles settle my stomach.  They do, you know, although I daresay ginger ale would work just as well (phooey).

*** It went extremely well with the Christmas Morning Coffeecake.  It amazes me sometimes that I lived to get old. 

 Whose idea was this?  And why did I buy it?


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